Monday, July 25, 2005

My exam is finally over!!

phew!!!..after a very long time i have finally given my final year MCA exam. It was a long journey of two years. Between work and study i really got screwed up. God knows how i managed my time between these two things. But i m happy and excited at the end. Everything went well and now everything is in god's hand. I m eagerly looking forward to the result. I wish the result came just one day after the exam. But anyhow there is always a thrill in waiting and i am enjoying it. It was a big challenge for me to study for MCA. Few subjects were really tough, especially the image processing and computational techniques. But i got the over after studying patiently without any tutions. Hurray! i feel proud that i have done it. I will try to do new postings everyday. Now i have a lot of time to think and write anything that i want. I am celebrating this freedom from study in my life!!!!


Sunday, July 03, 2005

Vision about India

I didnt make any post for last three days due to my full attention towards study. Countdown towards my final year MCA exam has already started and I dont want to miss anything. MCA has been my dream for long and I am very much excited to finish it. The exam is on 17 but i have to now spend more time in studying and remembering stuffs.

Just to give a break from study, I visited rediff blogs today and stumbled across this link written by one Mr. Radhakrishnan. He has nicely written about what he envisons about India and I liked reading it. There are people who want to see India on the world map as being prosperous, rich and beautiful country. I am also one of them who want to see my country in the same line as USA or Europe.

I am eagerly wating for my exams to get over so that I can do my own things. I have many plans. Like reading more novels and visiting places.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Migraine day.

Yesterday I could not post anything. Again work and more work. To keep up the blogging job seems to be quite a bit challenging task for an IT professional. But I have to give it a go and see how long i can go with my daily musings.

extended work hour is showing on my health and my eyes. I am still having the hangover of migraine. Its the only thing which keeps nagging me. It is very disturbing to have migraine early in the morning and the pain remains for the whole day. I am not able to concentrate on my work. All that i keep thinking is to go home and sleep the whole day. But there is work, more responsibility now and more thing to understand.

I try to relieve the stress by waking up early morning (6 am is early for me) and follow what ramdev has to tell about yoga and pranayama. I followed it for few days, but as usual, felt lazy and realzied that i have to study first for my MCA exam next month and less of yoga. Today is again going to be a very busy day. So tought of writing something early in the morning.


Monday, June 27, 2005

daunting task

Yesterday I could not blog as I had to come early in the morning and caught up with works and kept me sticking to my computer friend till 9 PM. Didnt have the courange enough to think anything beautiful to blog about. So went straight home, bit on some chappatis and flat on the bed!

I never realised that I would be caught unawares like this way. In my team six people have left the job and now all of a sudden work seemed to be more boring. Its not that i dont like challenges, but this team is new to me and so is the project.

Today I am an early bird to the office just to make sure that i dont miss out the targets. But the work seems more daunting as I dont see anyone other guys from the other department who are supposed to help me. I am prone to migraine attack if i stare the computer for long hours. Mild headache has started appearing on the right hand of my head. God knows how the day is going to unfold.


Sunday, June 26, 2005

First rain of the season in delhi

I love rain. I dont know why. I just get crazy at the idea of getting drenched in rain forever. I get nostalgic sometimes when I see the toddlers jumping and splashing the rain water.

Delhi received its first rain today and the whether is quite pleasant now. My mother moved all the pots to an open area where the plants would drink the fresh water. I saw happy holidayers expressing their love for rain in news channels. I woke up early morning to smell the wet soil. For the past few years some areas are not getting enough rain due to many environmental changes. I remember how I would say to my brother that we should record the rain as they might become very rare in future.

I am sitting right next to the window and i can feel the cool breeze. I am feelign sleepy and want to enjoy this cool weather and the sound of rain. I wish it rained tommorow also.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Distance education courses

saturday morning i m usualy very happy. I visit nearby temple and receive god's blessings.

But this morning i feel very different. NOt that i didnt go to temple today. But it is an email that i received from one of the consultants in bangalore. They were seeking candidates having good experenice for one of the big companies. The requirement was a regular degree.

My father was not that rich to fund my higher education. He did whatever was possible by him and I am really proud of him. I was very much interested in computers since my eight class. It was those days when computers had started appearing gradually in schools. I would bunk classes sometimes to go and sit in the lab to see how things worked and really got introduced to programming.

But there was no one to guide me to the right career. I didnt know anything happenign outside my school premises. It was unlike today when you have more exposure to print media and internet.

I chose commerce (dont know why.. ) and did by from delhi university. I kept pursuing my interest in computers. Soon my brother bought a computer for 43000/- ( an intel 486 ;)). I did a course from NIIT and straight away got into job. My father was retired by then and didnt have enough money to pursue a regular PG course. So i opted for a distance education course (MCA) from one of the prestigious university.

I spend 45000 on it and going to finish it next month. But I am now getting too much worried when I see some emails from consutants seekign graduates who have done full regular course!..

I have to sign off now . but i need to open my mind and thoughts to this topic in the coming few blogs.


Friday, June 24, 2005

why was Gandhiji killed

This the third day of my blogging ..and wow i m still running good.

How many of us know what happned recently when Shri. advani went to pakistan and said something about Jinnah being a secular person. This raised hue and cry in indian political circle for quite a number of days.

I am not interested in politics at all. I would rather be interested to know who invented baby nappies.!. Today i received an email from one of my colleagues. He was determined to find out the reason behind killing Mahatma Gandhi, considered father of india. Finally he stumbled upon a document written and submitted by the man behind this cause, before he was executed in november 1949.

This document written by Nathuram Godse, (the man who killed Gandhiji) contains some very interesting facts about many different dignatories of yesterday politics. While i am no one to validate what he said in the document, but it was quite an eye opening to some hidden facts which i would never have come to know without reading it.

I have got the document with me and if anybody is interested to read the document, then please drop a line to me at

c ya soon guys...